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The Impact on

Join us to discover the beauty and importance of mangrove ecosystems.

To keep what we have and to restore what we lost.

Enabling students, teachers, parents and their communities in the understanding and monitoring of  the wonderful world of mangroves in the Cayman Islands. Collection of data and observation of the impact of human activities on Cayman’s mangroves. Establishing a conservation ethic to protect and enhance mangrove ecosystems.


Mangrove forests are one of the most valuable coastal ecosystems on the planet offering many natural services that protects humanity’s best interest. However, these ecosystems are depleting rapidly thus contributing to ecological degrade and civilization collapse due to climate change. 


Since 1970, we have lost 3,900 acres of pristine mangrove forests in the Cayman Islands - primarily in the West Bay peninsular. With only 1,500 acres of mangroves left in the peninsular and with the 8500 acres of the Central Mangroves under serious threat, we have decided enough is enough and stepped up to protect this irreplaceable ecosystem.


We are the Cayman Islands Mangrove Rangers, a team of passionate Caymanians utlizing our diverse skills to protect Cayman mangroves.

West Bay Peninsular mid-70s
West Bay Peninsular mid-70s

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west bay peninsular #3
west bay peninsular #3

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West Bay Peninsular mid-70s
West Bay Peninsular mid-70s

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Problems Faced

"At least 70% of mangroves have already been lost on the western side of Grand Cayman representing about 3,844 acres since 1976"

Martin Keeley

Executive Ranger

What Are We Doing About It..

In order to protect the mangroves of the Cayman Islands a group of locals sourced together a programme to tackle the threats faced by these habitats. The Mangrove Rangers execute many operations to ensure sustainable developments in and around these ecosystems.

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Interact with your community and show your support by helping to conserve one of our most endangered habitats in the Cayman Islands 

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Mangroves are often thought to be swampy wastelands, characterised as shrubs growing in brackish waters. Research, analysis and countless studies have recently shown that mangrove forests not only prove a greater importance to our environment, but to our everyday lives. 



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