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24 million metric tons of carbon is stored each year worldwide by mangroves

Blue Carbon

This is the removal and storage of atmospheric carbon into the plant itself or into the sediment below.


All you need to know about mangroves. Learn all about the nurseries of the ocean. 


General knowledge and function

Healthy mangrove forests are key to a healthy marine ecology. Fallen leaves and branches from mangroves contribute to the forest detritus and provide nutrients for the marine environment

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Local and Global Efforts

Mangrove protection efforts are generally pointed toward minimising the removal of mangrove biological systems, and expanding education. See what the Rangers are doing and how you can help.



Deforestation and Dumping

Deforestation and a decrease in the flow of freshwater into the sea are some factors that are affecting our mangroves here in Cayman. Learn more on how the development of canals and other infrastructure are major threats to our islands.

Hot Topics

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Coral Reefs

Climate Change


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Local Policies 

Species Conservation Plan for Mangroves

The National Conservation Law