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​Mangrove forests are one of the most valuable coastal ecosystems on the planet offering many natural services that protect humanity’s best interest. However, these ecosystems are depleting rapidly, thus contributing to ecological degradation due to climate change and over development.  We have lost 3,900 acres of pristine mangrove forests in the western area of Grand Cayman. With only 1,500 acres of mangroves left (38%!) in this area, we have decided enough is enough and as we fight to protect this important ecosystem. In addition, the 8,500 acre Central Mangrove Wetlands - the largest contiguous mangrove forest in the Caribbean - is under serious threat of development. We are the Cayman Islands Mangrove Rangers, a team of passionate Caymanians utilizing our diverse skills to protect Cayman mangroves.

Conservation requires an array of skills hence why our Rangers come from diverse backgrounds from marketing, law, hospitality to videography, and education. All of our Rangers are knowledgeable on the scientific functions of mangrove ecosystems in addition to their specialty. We value teamwork and the elevation of individual aspirations. We aim to develop each other weaknesses and utilize each other strengths as we protect this valuable natural resource.


Protection Over Restoration 



  1. Establish an organisation that monitors the ecological health of the mangrove ecosystems in the Cayman Islands.

   2. Collect data on the human impacts of mangrove ecosystems in the Cayman Islands through observation and

        partnership with the Department of Environment.

   3. Educating and Empowering local communities of the Cayman Islands to understand the true value of mangrove 

        ecosystems and their importance in sustaining our island environment

Mangrove Rangers:​

We are seeking to train and hire Caymanians who are passionate about their Islands and the environment. 

We are working closely with the Department of Environment to collect data and to monitor damage.

We also aim to create educational awareness campaigns through videos, infographics, and events.


We are messengers of the law, ensuring that developers and landscapers are aware of the  Species Conservation Plan for Mangroves. 

We believe that Restoration Projects are a last resort! We must protect what we have now! That is the role of a Mangrove Ranger. 

Meet The Team

Martin mug shot.jpg

Martin Keeley


Executive Ranger

& Co-Founder

Cass pic.jpg

Cassandra MacDowell

Education and Programs Manager

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 9.56.50 PM.png

Bill LaMonte



Dinara Perera

Research & Data Management  


Ileann Powery

Videographer and Media Support


Louisa Sax

Education Support & Junior Rangers Coordinator


Current Rangers


Nikolaus Foster

download (1)_edited.jpg


download (1)_edited.jpg

Chaiz-le Frederick


Doni profile pic_edited.jpg

Donique Brooks

Doni profile pic_edited.jpg

Current Rangers


Whitney Foster

Marketing Support


Tahmina Jahn

Admin Support


Daniella Christian

Graphic Designer


Emily Decou
Community Outreach

download (1)_edited.jpg

Janique Bodden

download (1)_edited.jpg

Gabriela  Farias

Doni profile pic_edited.jpg

Donique Brooks


Chaiz-le Frederick



Summer Ross

download (1)_edited.jpg

Joshua Weaver

download (1)_edited.jpg

Rickeem Lashley

download (1)_edited.jpg

Engela De Beer

download (1)_edited.jpg

Audrianna Phillips

download (1)_edited.jpg

Claire La-Roda Thomas

download (1)_edited.jpg

Bennard Ebanks Jr

download (1)_edited.jpg

Joel Bodden

download (1)_edited.jpg

Debra Chin

download (1)_edited.jpg

Susan Chin

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